How to Download Psiphon for PC or Laptop

Download Psiphon for PC

If you are looking for ways how to download psiphon for PC window 7/8/8.1 or laptops then here you will find complete guide about it. It is an amazing app which provides you the best opportunity to use the internet beyond from its limits. It means you can get access to those contents which are banned by your state or ISP. So it is the best way to get information and utilize it from those sites which is out of your access.


Psiphon is a unique kind of program that helps ensure that the Internet genuinely is the free place that it is proposed to be. The program gets through government pieces and limitations on locales to ensure everybody can approach the substance they need to know.

Features of Psiphon

  1. You can choose browser or VPN mode, so you can choose what you want.
  2. It provides you the information about the traffic you are getting and how the information is used.
  3. It is the best and safe way of browsing free from viruses.
  4. You can access to the blocked sites and used information.
  5. It is free app for personal used.

Download Psiphon for PC:

There are number of methods to download the psiphon but the best one is download it by using an Android Emulator Software. Following steps will help you to download it for PC.

  1. Firstly download Bluestacks Android Amulator and then install it on your computer.
  2. Next you have to download Psiphon Apk file and then install it.
  3. It will download after some seconds. Now you can used it.

Psiphon Pro for Android

Being the Android user definitely you will be looking for Psiphon for Android application. So here is easy link to download Psiphon. Click the Link below to download PsiPhon for Android.

   download PSIPHON

Psiphon for iOS

All of the apps on your iPhone or iPad will access the Internet through the Psiphon network. Available for iOS 10.2 and higher.

   download PSIPHON For iOS

Psiphon Browser for iOS in the Apple App Store

You can easily access different web sites through the Psiphon network with our Psiphon browser. This browser is available for iOS 8 and latest version. Click here to download Psiphon Browser.

If you want to Root our Device to Install Game Guardian App.

Final Words

Psiphon solve your problem and provides best services to you when your internet provider blocks you from any site. It helps you to access any website in the world. It also provides best internet security to you. It also secures you when you use public Wifi.


How to Download Psiphon for PC or Laptop
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